Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The issue of customer service is a serious one for both government and the private sector and unless we do something about it collectively as a nation, we are wasting our time and therefore we will not achieve the kind of economic growth we want to achieve. Hence the launch of the NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE by the ORGANISATION FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE-GHANA in partnership with the government of Ghana, the private sector and relevant stakeholders.-HECTOR WULFF

Saturday, March 22, 2014


The National Customer Service Advocate,Mr.Hector Wulff has called for the formation of a National Customer Service Task Force by the Government Of Ghana, to devise strategies and modalities for the development of customer service in Ghana . Speaking to the media last Friday on his national customer service awareness tour to commence in some few weeks time,Mr.Wulff,also known as MR.CUSTOMER SERVICE,indicated that this is the best time for the Government of Ghana to compliment his efforts and that of his organization to improve upon the state of customer service in Ghana. Hence his call for the National Customer Service Task Force . There should be recognition at the highest level on the need to improve customer service delivery in Ghana. The national customer service task force should be entrusted with the mission to improve upon the quality of service delivery in Ghana as part of a development programme to stimulate the public and private sector, as the nation seeks to be a preferred business and investment destination in Africa. Mr.Wulff asserted that,the state of customer service in Ghana can not be tolerated. ‘‘We can no longer accept the culture of poor customer service,either from Government in­stitutions or the private sector’’. The Ghana customer service development initiative, launched in October 2010,By Mr.Wulff ,which gave birth to the GHANA CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARDS, the GHANA CUSTOMER SERVICE WEEK AND GHANA CUSTOMER SERVICE CONFERENCE and ORGANISATION FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE-GHANA, of which Mr.Hector Wulff, serves as the Executive Director.

Friday, March 14, 2014


The Registrar General's Department was established under the Ordinance 1950 during the Colonial days. It became a department of the Ministry of Justice in 1961.With the aim of becoming a highly progressive department that efficiently serves it customers by becoming a highly strategic partner to businesses and stakeholders. Mandated by the Government to ensure an efficient and effective administration of entities inter - alia the registration of businesses, industrial property, marriages, administration of estates, and public trustees, to provide customer friendly services and accurate data for national planning. An investigation conducted by the ORGANISATION FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE –GHANA, leading national advocate for customer service excellence reveals that, this department of the public sector which interfaces with the public, particularly the business community and investor both local and foreign, provides the most stinking and worst client service in Ghana. As an absolute microcosm of bad customer service in Ghana, you are met with clueless and rude staff and security Guards in blue and yellow shirts who do nothing but to throw their weight about, just shouting at clients without using the words please, excuse me Sir, or kindly move to this direction or that side Madame. Worse of all, clients can stand for more than thirty minutes without any personnel at that department approaching to asking if he or she can provide some help. The two receptionists there are so busy for nothing that they hardly sit on their chairs to attend to clients. The environment, both external and internal is not welcoming and not conducive to do business at all. So disorganized and congested, just as the water dispenser at the place, is full but had no cups by it for thirsty customers to drink. Their so called refurbished toilet facility and urinal stinks so badly like their client service, lacking running water. During our two weeks investigation ,we interviewed two hundred clients of the department of which one hundred and sixty were Ghanaians with the remaining forty being foreigners, who expressed their absolute frustration, outrage and total disgust of the quality of client service at this public sector institution. As the nation tries to position itself as a preferred investment destination and a customer service hub in Africa, the need to build a customer –centric culture in the public sector and among citizenry is very vital and relevant to business growth and economic development. We have video recordings of the Registrar General's Department, customer service investigation and will soon publish it on youtube for public consumption. GHANAIANS ARE FED UP WITH BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! We can no longer accept the culture of poor customer service, either from Government institutions or Ghanaian businesses. JOIN HANDS TO FIGHT POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE IN GHANA! TO SPONSOR, KINDLY CALL HECTOR WULFF ON: +233-24-1877622 EMAIL: ghcustomerservice@gmail.com VISIT: customerserviceghana.blogspot.com

Monday, March 3, 2014


The Ghana Customer Service Awards,dubbed Voice Of The Customer Awards is the only national awards dedicated to Customer Service Excellence,best practice and innovation in customer service delivery in Ghana.They highlight the importance of providing outstanding customer service in today’s challenging economic climate.

Friday, December 20, 2013


3RD GHANA CUSTOMER SERVICE CONFERENCE AND OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF THE NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE. THEME: CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE: A KEY TO BUSINESS GROWTH AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT A national Conference for Customer Service leaders, executives, managers and all heads of customer service and quality control departments across the industrial spectrum in Ghana. ONE DAY IMPACT FILLED EVENT WITH SEVEN KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS AND HUNDREDS OF IDEAS FOR IMPROVED CUSTOMER SERVICE, TOWARDS BUSINESS GROWTH AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. OBJECTIVE: This conference serves as an annual platform for stakeholder in customer service delivery across Ghana from both public and private sectors across the industrial spectrum to share best practice and ideas in customer service delivery for business development and economic sustainability. DATE: THURSDAY 13TH MARCH, 2014 VENUE: ALISA HOTEL, NORTH RIDGE, ACCRA TIME: 8:30AM TO 4:30PM PARTICIPATION FEES: GH¢350.00

National Campaign For Customer Service Excellence To Be Launched In Accra

The Organisation for Customer Service Excellence-Ghana, a leading national advocate for customer service excellence, will, next year, launch the National Campaign for Customer Service Excellence. The two-year campaign, the first of its kind in Ghana which will be organised on the theme: ‘Making Customer Service a National Priority for Business Growth and Economic Development,’ forms part of its Ghana Customer Service Development Initiative. The campaign, dubbed, ‘Ghana— A Call To Excellence In Customer Service,’ seeks to partner the government of Ghana and the private sector to promote a national culture for customer service excellence through mass public education, advocacy and awareness creation, and to strengthen the capacity of the citizenry and players of the national economy to put the customer first and recognise him as a major stakeholder in service delivery. The campaign will undertake mass public education and awareness creation programmes across Ghana, including public lectures, symposia, conferences and road shows. It will also employ the medium of print, broadcast, online, and billboards to reach out to the general public, so as to encourage attitude and perception change by employees, employers and general public on customer service. Mr Hector Wulff, the Executive Director of the Organaisation for Customer Service Excellence-Ghana, in a statement issued in Accra, indicated that a survey conducted by the organization revealed that poor customer service delivery was widespread across the industrial spectrum and in all sectors of the national economy. The survey, Mr Wulff said, revealed that 9 out of every 10 persons interviewed at random were frustrated on the state of customer service delivery in Ghana. “Citizens are getting fed up with the way they are treated by service providers, particularly the public sector, utility services, telecommunications, services at our ports, shoddy projects executed by contractors, service delivery in our health and educational institutions, and the financial sector, among others,” he said.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


The Ghana customer service development initiative, launched in October 2010, gave birth to the GHANA CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARDS, the GHANA CUSTOMER SERVICE WEEK AND ANNUAL CONFERENCE and ORGANISATION FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE-GHANA, of which Mr.Hector Wulff serves as the Executive Drirector. Many thanks to the Government of Ghana and Corporate Ghana for embracing the Ghana Customer Service Development Initiative and we shall work as partners towards making Ghana a leading customer service destination in Africa and the world at large.